The CAMUS project

The History of Castor, Ailsworth, Marholm, Upton and Sutton - and the Milton Estates

We have written a book that can be viewed on this web site as a low resolution .pdf. "Five Villages, Their People and Places A History of the Villages of Castor, Ailsworth, Marholm with Milton, Upton and Sutton", to record and celebrate the history of the area.

The book was initially organised into subject headings and the task of writing the sections divided amongst members of the local communities. Additional help, support and input came from scores of others. The driving force and guiding mind was provided by our local vicar, the Reverend William Burke. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of William to this project - or to the general life and spirit of our community.

The CAMUS group controlled all the other tasks of publishing, from proof reading to cover design with the wonderfully helpful support of our local printer, Andy of Stylaprint. Thank you Andy, you and your company are a real asset to our community.

Much of the original sources of the book is held in thearchive . Additional articles are avaiable from The Five Parishes Journal

The book sold out by September 2004 and there will not be a reprint. However, the complete book is
available on CD Rom
(as a high resolution .pdf) for the sum of £5.00 (plus 50p Post and Packing).
Click here for ordering information.

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