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It has been our wish to produce a Journal for the archive record which combines contributions into a good read; with something of interest for everyone.

Welcome to the Five Parishes Journal: to the first of what we hope will develop into a series of occasional publications from the Parish Archive Group. The origin of this endeavour lies with the history Book Five Parishes: Their People and Places which was published in July 2004 as part of the Camus Project. The ideas with this Journal are to publish some of the new material received since the Book as well as items not included at the time.

Many of the features of the Book have been retained to give a sense of continuity but we have also looked to employ something of a magazine style here, more suited to the content of this new venture. This ranges from the detailed researched article, to reminiscences, shorter items and single pictures; all of which make their own valid contribution to building up the record of both our distant and recent Past.

With the leadership and enthusiasm of our chairman, Rector William Burke, many people have helped to bring this Journal to print. As well as those who have written items many more have contributed information and pictures. Also, on behalf of the Parish Archive Group, a small editorial team has worked in various ways; transcribing notes, taking and scanning photographs, sharing technical know-how, designing the layout, proofreading and editing.

What is happening?

The first major piece of work completed by the CAMUS Project (named after Castor, Ailsworth, Marholm, Milton, Upton and Sutton) was the book Five Parishes: Their People and Places. There has, however, always been a great deal more going on behind the scenes, as those who have looked at the Project website will know.

One of the project team, Sally Leeds of Ailsworth is now in the process of putting the complete parish registers for all four parish churches on the web. This very major project, being one of the reasons that we were given an initial grant, involves typing in every entry for baptisms, marriages and deaths from 1537 (when the registers were started) up until today. Once completed, visitors to the website will be able to search the registers for entries by name, date and place. This will be valuable to the many people these days who research family histories as well as providing back-up for these unique records.

It was not possible to include everything in the book Five Parishes Their People and Places. In addition a number of people expressed an interest in carrying on with further research about our local history. The CAMUS Project team decided to publish a supplement to the book in magazine style, to be known as The Five Parishes Journal and this edition is our first volume. If we find there is sufficient interest (in other words if we sell enough copies to cover costs!) we will publish further volumes, perhaps annually. In the future we are keen in particular to do further research and include articles on the old buildings in the parishes. Anybody is welcome to join in the Project, compile articles or help with research or suggest subjects.

William Burke
The Rectory, Castor

Much of the original sources of the book is held in thearchive .

The book sold out by September 2004 and is available on CD Rom (as a high resolution .pdf) for the sum of £5.00 (plus 50p Post and Packing).
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