Dear William

I've searched through the documents that give the list of Cathedral holdings at Northampton and have come up with the following. Other documents for example Dean and Chapter accounts probably also contain relevant information but I have confined this list to those that mention Castor directly.

PDC FB 6 Maps of the Dean and Chapter Estates made c 1820s inc
10) Belsize estate Castor
11) Estimate for repairs of Belsize Farm Dickinsons Farm and Castor Manor Farm in Castor 1824
47) Northborough Manor Farmm inc Belsize Farm

X 5145 4 land tax Redemption Cetificates Dean and Chapter property in Peterbrorough, Castor, Maxey, Northborough and Longthorpe.

X 5145 5 Land Tax Redemption Certificate: Bishopric property in Werrington and Castor 1844 - 1847

X 5163 32 Correspondence re transfer of manors to the Eccleisiastical Commissioners 1933-1934 (Castor not metnioned specifically)

Box 3 4 4/4/1692 Inventory of goods of William Deacon of Belsis castor deceased

15 2 cases for opinion of counsel ... rights to timber of land let out by dean and Chapter in a) Castor Sutton and Ailsworth b) Belsize Farm

Box 5 71 16/9/[1577] Interrogatioies ... on behalf of Sir William Fitzwilliam in case between him and the Dean and Chapter defendents re fishing rights ...river tolls in Castor and Milton.

Box 9 = Amuunition Box 6 items 312 - 356 included various valuations and leases etc on Dean and Chapter lands in Castor and include item 332 Aug 1806 Survey of Castor manor farm & notes on former leases & parliamentary seventeenth century valuations. 356 Court Roll of Castor 23/5/1540.

415 1804-1805 valuation of Dean and Chapter timber at Belsize farm 1805

Box 16 = Ammunition Box 690/61 1829 Survey of timber Manor Farm and Belsie's Farm Castor

708-719 leases - indentures on farms in Castor and Alwalton in Alleyns farm (1818) various dates.

Account Rolls Box 1 14 1403 Account of Castor
Box 2 6 1446 Account of Castor

Peterborough Dean and Chapter Court Rolls 3 1363-1364 Castor 3/11/1363 & 11/4/1364
several refs to Courts/Hall Moots 4 1364 Hallmoots Caster 21 Nov, 6 1377 Court castor 16 April 1377, 9 1391 Castor 26 Oct. After 1391 Castor is not listed separately although records of courst continue until 1549.

A further court is listed in item 153 Sutton & Castor cum Ailsworth 14 Apr 1662 with a note that these are normally Bishopric Manors.

I hope that some of the above is helpful.

Best wishes

Catherine Keating




SEARCH RESULTS at Northants County Record Office 2003 re Castor and Ailsworth


Bold heading = landowner

No = plot number for tithe apportionment

Name beside number = occupier

After dash - = description of property as given in roll

Address in brackets = attempt to identify present site of property

Task not completed due to time and illegibility of part of tithe map

Some obvious properties missing from this list; eg Castor House, Village Farm The Elms,

Vast majority of all property in both village owned by Dean and Chapter or Fitzwilliams



No 36: Wm Bate –house, yard, dovecot, homestead and garden  (Manor Farm Ailsworth),

No 156 wm Butler (house now 16 High Street Castor)

No 87 Wm Bate – house and orchard (site now The Limes Ailsworth, where Gibson’s live/now Leeds)

No 15 Robert Drake – cottage, yard and garden (now where Hilary Pounsett lives)

No 14 Wm Freer – cottage, yard and garden (now where Hilary Pounsett lives)

No 36a Gabriel French – farm homestead, cottage, garden and close (now part of old Manor Farmhouse)

No 18 John Graham – cottage, yard and garden ,in  Main Street Ailsworth

No 88 John Hales and the Widow Ward – Peterborough Road Castor (area c  opp Winfrey homes)

No 89 George Key – cottage and garden– Peterborough Road Castor (area c  opp Winfrey homes)

No 21 Wm Newborn – Main Street Ailsworth ‘A’ side.

No 83 Thomas Sismey – house, yard and garden, (immed East of house now called Church View)

No 13 Charles Sharpe – farm (top part of Main Street Ailsworth

No 25 George Smith – farmhouse and homestead (L-shaped house, left bottom of of Main Street                                                                                                                                                       Ailsworth)

No 91 Frances Stanger – cottage and garden (now where Ted Fairchild lives)

No 92 John As(f)ton – cottage and yard (little cottage in Splash Lane)

No 86 Harriet Chapple – (now site of  Ian Sheldon’s house)

No 75 John Mappison – (site West of Old Smithy Peterborough Road Castor)

No 97 John Serjeant – farm homestead (now Bramble Cottage site, Stuar Wood)

No 164 Thomas Smith – farmhouse homestead (now Three Chimneys)

No 1  Thomas Fen – cottager (site in area of King’s Acre)

No 127  Richard Marriott – farmhouse and homestead (now Manor Farm Castor)

No 90  Richard Marriott – (site immed West of Ted Fairchild on P’boro Road Castor)

No 100 Wm Callow – farmhouse and homestead (now The Hollies)

No 165 Wm Callow – farm homestead ( site of the barns for The Limes, P’boro Road Castor)

No 169 Wm Callow – Campion’s Close

No 81 John Darby – cottage and garden (West of Church View nr Village Hall)

No 89 – on P’Boro Road Castor (c opp Winfrey home)

No 166 Wm Berridge - farmhouse and homestead, Close



No 117a  Thomas Wright – cottage and yard (now R & L Wright’s house, Main Street Ailsworth)



No 133 Wm Stanger – cottage, bar and garden (John Neal’s house on The Green Castor)



No 66 Matthew Aspital – cottage ( site E of Village Sign Cottage, P’boro Road)

No 132 George Pywell – cottage and garden ( East of the Cabin on Allotment Lane)




No 53 Elizabeth Drake – house and yard (next to old Wheatsheaf pub)



Nos 62,63,64 Richard Fitzjohn – cottage and yards (Main Street Ailsworth)



No 126 Castor Pound on The Green

No 148 Ed Artis – house and garden (Now Hanover House Church Hill Castor)

No 520 Ailsworth Pound (top of Ailsworth, off Helpston Road)

No 79 School and House (Village Hall)

No 149 Mary Ann Almond – house (now The Grove Church Hill Castor)

No 113 James Beeby – house and garden (site now York Cottage Church Hill Castor)

No 29 Samuel Briggs – house, wheelwright, shop etc (area of Ailsworth Green junct)

No 31 Eunice Carter – farmhouse and homestead (now 10 Main Street Ailsworth nr Chapel)

No 47 Eunice Carter – yard, garden and close (Ailsworth , P’boro Road)

No 82 John Darby sen – house, yard and garden (now Church View P’boro Road Castor)

No 76 Ann Dickens – farmhouse, homestead and garden ( now The Old Smithy, 47 P’boro Road)

No 80 – farm, homestead and Close (site now East of Village Hall)

No 152 Wm Dickens -  cottage and garden ( now 11 High Street Castor)

No 98 Richard Fitzjohn – homestead and close (now 17 P’boro Road Alan and Joyce Herbert)

No 30/48 Gabriel French – far homestead (site of Old Chapel Church Hill Castor)

No 147 John Pell – cottage and garden (now 11 Church Hill Castor)

No 117 John Stanger and others – cottage and garden (area of  6 Church Hill Castor)

No 33 Martin Setchel – farm homestead and close ( north of Limes, Helpston Road Ailsworth

No 119 William Pearson– cottage and garden (area of  6 Church Hill Castor)



Edward Gibbon – house yard and garden (area of  6 Church Hill Castor)

No 137 – hovel and close (top left of Clay Lane)

No 120 Joseph Bodma – house, building and garden (now Durobrivae Lodge Castor)

No 146 Will Yates Hordern – cottage and yard (now 7  Church Hill Castor)

No 145 Richard Marriott – farmhouse and homestead ( now area of old barn, rt side of Clay Lane)




No 112a  Wrights – field (school field, next to the Cedars, P’boro Road Castor)

No 128



N0 109 Elizabeth Holmes – close (school field)