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It was part of the responsibility of the Parish Constable to compile the Militia Lists. In the case of Sutton the Parish Constable was Thomas King, whose name appears at the end of the list



MILITIA LISTS– 1762 - Nassaburgh



December 5 1762. A list of the inhaberts and servents between the ages of eighteenand forty five years.


Mr William Hopkinson, farmer

Mr John Parkinson, farmer

John Dots, servant

William Avary, servant

William Hilliard, servant

William Hardey, cordwainer

            3 children

<John Read> cupper, lame

<Thamas Brawn> shapard, 3 child.

James Gardner, labour

Issaac Cant, labour


John Rudkin, shewmacer


This is to give nodice that thers names will be given in on Saturday next eleventh day of December by nine of the clock in the forenoon at William Elyer, Peterborough, and aney man may appeal that day and no appeals will be afterwards.


                                                                                    Thomas King, constable