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Musters in Nassaburgh Hundred 1536

The early history of the army is found on the rolls of the Constables and of the Earl Marshall. They record the names and retinues of those who appeared at the rendezvous and proffered their service. There are also the Scruttage Rolls, and in the 15th Century the Commissioners of Array, which  force in each county. In the reign of Henry VIII, general musters of all the “fencible men” were held at intervals by virtue of commissions under the great seal, the residents being assessed to provide arms according to their wealth. The “press” was much abused. This led to an act for the “taking of musters.” Below is one such muster roll taken in 1536, a forerunner to the later militia lists.



Robert Curtes                       } archers                               

Thomas Marshall                }


This towne to finde horse and harnes for a man                                  


Hen Mosse                           }

Willm Barnewell                } bylmen

John Wilson                         }

Will Tyte                               }




John More                             } archers

Nicol Beyll                             }


This towne to finde horse and harnes for a man


John Rose                             }

Will Nicholson                     } bylmen

Will Wryght                          }



Henry Browne                      }

Richard Broke                       } bilmen

Henry Brewster                    }


Hugh Style constbl and all the residue of the sd towne to provide harnes for a man




Thomas Idell                         }

John Gyles                            } bilmen

Nicholas Wylkynson                }

John Slater                            }


and the residue of the towne to finde horse and harnes for a man