War Memorial File



Bomb Aimer.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Service number; 1324622.

Died on Sunday, 23rd April 1944.

Aged 29 years.


Thorney Cemetery,
Grave 448.


Died April 23rd 1944, aged 29 years.

Son of Arthur Frank and Hilda Mary Whittome, husband of Freda Whittome of Castor, Northamptonshire.

Arthur Whittome and his wife, Freda, lived in Three Chimneys, Peterborough Road, Castor.

Listed on the War Memorial as Flight Sergeant.

Report copied from The Peterborough Standard dated April 28th 1944.


Sgt. Tony Whittome.

R.A.F. colleagues and friends attended the funeral at Thorney on Wednesday of Sgt. A. A. (Tony) Whittome, R.A.F., of The Thatched Cottage, Castor, who was killed on active service at the weekend.

Sgt. Whittome was 28, and married. He was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Frank Whittome, of Park View, Thorney, and his wife was formerly Miss Freda Beard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Beard, Avenue House, March. An old Petriburgian, he was a keen rugby footballer. He won his King’s School Colours, and also played for the Town. He had been in the R.A.F. about two and a half years, one year of which he spent in Canada training for his wings. His wife is a telephonist in the A.R.P. Control at Peterborough.

The Thatched Cottage where Sgt. Whittome lived is interesting from an architectural point of view. It was an old barn and Sgt. Whittome converted it into a very pleasant old-world house.

Copied from the same newspaper.


Coffin Borne By Fellow Airmen.

At the funeral at Thorney Abbey on Wednesday of Sgt. Tony Whittome, R.A.F., whose death is reported on Page 1, the coffin, draped with the Union Jack, was borne by six members of the R.A.F.: Ft/Sgts. T. A. Astwick, R. Brown, R. Blackler and J. Stiner, Sgt. T. C. Graham, and Sgt. J. Sargeant, D.F.M.

The service was conducted by the Rev. B. G. Parsons and the mourners were, Mrs. A. A. Whittome (widow), Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Whittome (parents), Mrs D. Pritchard (sister, also representing Sq-Ldr. Pritchard and Mrs. L. Hayles), Jimmy Whittome (brother), Mrs. M. Beard (mother-in-law), Mrs. R. E. Jones (aunt), Mr. and Mrs. S. Johnson, March (cousins), Mr. D. Beard (brother-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. J. Judd (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs. E. Weston and Mrs. B. Beard (sisters-in-law), Sq-Ldr. Noel Keeble, D.F.C., and Mrs. Keeble (uncle and aunt).


Among others at the church were Group Captain Evans - Evans, Sq-Ldr. A. T. Gillard, Mr. T. E. Barnes (Soke County Surveyor), Mrs. F. J. Smith (representing the City Engineer), Mr. Kenneth A. Whittome, Sgt. E. M. Mote (representing Thorney H.G.), Mrs. T. W. Neal (Castor and Ailesworth Comforts Fund for the Troops), Mr. R. H. Whittome (representing Mrs. Hugh Whittome, Longthorpe), Miss M. Dunn (representing Mr. Charles Sturton and the staff of Whittome and Co), Mr. and Mrs. K. E. L. Whittome, L/Ac. E. G. Peckham Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Horrell, Miss S. Green (representing Mr. J. L. Green), Mr. J. M. Odam, Mr. J. W. Crawley, Mr. H. J. Fitzjohn, C-S-M. G. W. Cobb, H. G., Mr. and Mrs. F. Shepherd (representing Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Holmes, Peterborough), Mr. and Mrs. C. Hurry, Mrs J. B. Coupland (representing Lt. S.T. Coupland), Mr. Ernest Goodwin, Mr. W.S. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Smith, Mr. J. Hemmant, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gee, Mr. R. Buckworth, Mrs. H. Buckworth, Mr. L. Buckworth, Mr. and Mrs, H. W. Burton, Mr. Hugh Swann, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Poles.

Mrs. J. Cousins, Mrs. A. Smith, Mrs. W. Shirley, Mrs. C. Skells, Mrs. C. Gipps, Mr. W. Hargraves, Mrs. A. Pitt, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Brownlow, Mrs. Hard, Mrs. G. Martin, Mrs. J. Frisby, Miss. L. Green, Mr. C. Lee and Mrs. L. Lee, Mrs. J. Chamberlain, Mr. N. C. Bacon, Mrs. R. Bowles, Wisbech, Mrs. R. Dale, Mr. R. W. Westcombe, Mrs. H. Parker, Miss. J. Eastwood, Mrs. E. Hurn, Mr. W. Cave, and Mrs. B. Bostock.


The following wreaths were sent:
To my own darling Tony, all my love from your broken-hearted Freda; Dear Tony, from Mother, Dad, Di and Jimmy, also Louise and Graham; With deepest sympathy from the officers, N.C.O.s and men of Thorney Home Guard; With deepest sympathy from personnel of R.A.F. station; With deepest sympathy from Officer Commanding and officers of R.A.F. station; With deepest sympathy from staff and police at the Report and Control Centre, Peterborough; With most sincere sympathy from Castor and Ailesworth Troops Comforts Fund; With sincere sympathy and deep regret from Miss Stanger and Mrs. L. Wilson, Castor; Deepest sympathy from “Tomakins” and all at 25, Wisbech Rd.

Deepest sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Weech, and Mr. and Mrs. T. Holdich; To my godson Tony, from Uncle Stephen; With deepest sympathy from Henry, Allen, Roland and Marjorie; With deepest sympathy from Joan Cooper, and Mr. and Mrs. L. Lee, Thorney; From Kenneth and Pamela Whittome; In loving remembrance of dear Tony, from Linda and Jimmy; With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, happy memories; From one of his pals, Ernest John Rollings; To one of Thorney’s heroes with deepest sympathy and regret, the Buckworth family; To dear Uncle Tony with all our love, Rosie, Mary and Philip; With heartfelt sympathy, Mrs. R. Bowles, and Dick (Middle East) and Miss Russell.

With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Capon and little Ann, and Mr. Butler, Castor; Sleep on dear Tony, we will always remember, Ma and Pop, March; With happy memories, Cicely and Stan; With sincere sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Neal, Castor; With my deepest sympathy from Evans and children, Royal Oak Inn, Castor; Loving memories of a dear friend, Pat and Dorothy; Happy memories of dear Tony, M. Morton; In affectionate remembrance of dear Tony, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Holmes; With affectionate memories of Tony, Daisy and Bert; From Ann and Willy, in token of our deepest sympathy; In loving memory of a great friend, from Peggy Allen; Dear old Tony, with love, Mr. and Mrs. William Gray, Joy, Lennie and Mimi.

From Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Telwin and family; With deepest sympathy, Harry and Phil; With deepest sympathy and regret, Mr. and Mrs. Kel Whittome; To dearest Tony, with memories of happy times together, Edna and George; With dearest sympathy from Ossy and Bridget; With deepest sympathy from Jean; With deepest regret, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Poles and family; With love and regret, Dorothy and Noel; With most sincere sympathy, Florence and Billy Kingston; In affectionate remembrance of Tony, Lottie and Gus McNaughton.

Happy memories from one who loved him; In affectionate memory of Tony, Mrs. W. E. Keeble, Auntie and Joyce; With deepest sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. L. Green and Peter; In kind remembrance from Aunt Nella and Uncle Jack; With deepest sympathy, Capt. and Mrs. Chalk; With deepest sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor, Ailesworth; With heartfelt sympathy and in remembrance of happy times spent together, Mabel and Harry and family, Church Hill, Castor.

Copied from the Peterborough Standard, dated April 28th 1944.

Sgt. A. A. (Tony) Whittome, Castor:
Killed by enemy action in this country on Saturday.

The gravestone in Thorney Cemetery has the following inscription:

Sergt. A. Antony
Whittome RAF
By enemy action
While on duty
23rd April 1944
Aged 29 years.

From a newspaper cutting, not dated, probably from the 1970’s.

Ian Mclachlan was asking for any information about Sgt Whittome, as he was going to write a book about the night of April 22nd, 23rd 1944.

The article was as follows;

Sergeant Whittome was one of five men in an Elderley Albermarle aircraft which took off on a training flight from RAF Ashbourne, near Derby. Just before dawn they were attacked and set on fire by a German Messerschmidt.

The pilot held the aircraft steady long enough for two men to bale out, but moments later it crashed in a field near Boston, killing the remaining three airmen, including Whittome.

The wreckage was dug up by the Lincolnshire Aircraft Rescue Group only two years ago.

Sergeant Whittome was on his final training for Bomber Command.