FORECAST OF WEDDINGS 2002 as at 28 Feb 2002

26th Jan 2002 tbc at MARHOLM                                   B.G                  OFF

Ben Payne and Anne Marie Brelsford                            Tel: 372031 (day)

39 Brynmore Bretton PE3 8JF                                       Home 755307


9th March 2002 at MARHOLM                                     B.G                  OFF

Colin Gee and Angela Butler                                          Tel:331405

99 Stumpacre Bretton PE3 8HS


16th March 2002 tbc at MARHOLM                              B.G                  OFF

Christopher Gerald Brocklesby and Karen Annette Stevens

5 Westhawe Bretton PE3 8BA                                      Tel: 764738

Banns 3, 10, 17 Feb


23rd March 2002 1pm at CASTOR                                 B.G                  OFF

Stephen Little and Shelley Cope                                     Tel: 01582 462704

91 Colewood Road Harpenden Herts AL5 1EG

Banns 3, 10, 17 Feb


24th March Palm Sunday

29th – 31st March Easter Weekend


27th April 2002 2.30pm at MARHOLM/CASTOR           B.G                  OFF

Elliott Peter Field and Hilary Jayne Saunders

Flat 8, The Stables, Milton Hall,PE6 7AE

Banns 3, 10, 17 Feb


4th May 2002 3.00 at CASTOR                                      B.G                  OFF

John Milbank and Helen Mansfield

43 Chancery Lane Eye PE6 7YF                                               Tel: 754062

Banns 3, 10, 17 Feb


11th May 2002 2pm at CASTOR                CANCELLED        B.G                  OFF

Michael Colin South and Lucy Charlotte Turner             

132 Muskham, S Bretton PE3 9XY                                Tel: 267190



11th May 2002 2pm at MARHOLM                               B.G                  OFF

Nathan John Stimpson and Donna Jane Morley

85 Stumpacre Bretton PE3 8HS                                     Tel: 266886



18th May 2002 at CASTOR                                   B.G                  OFF

Andrew Fisher and Victoria Nobbs

10 Old Pond Lane, Castor, PE5 7BX

Banns 3, 10, 17 Feb


8th Jun 2002 1pm at MARHOLM                                   B.G                  OFF

Clive Andey Blackstock and Kirstie Louise Mease

33 Kirkmeadow, N Bratton PE3 8JQ

Banns 3, 10, 17 Mar


15th June 2002 2.00pm at CASTOR                                B.G                  OFF

Sarah Glendinning and Ian Collins

60 P’Boro Road, Crowland, PE6 0BA                            Tel:211201



FRIDAY 21st June 2002 TBC at CASTOR                    B.G                  OFF

Philip Butler and Linzi Lee                     CANCELLED

18 Ilex Close, Hampton Hargate, PE7 8AD



22nd June 2002 2pm at MARHOLM CANCELLED      B.G                  OFF

Gary Beebe and Heidi Caulton

179 Norburn, Bretton, PE3 8NN                                     Tel: 765808

Banns 3, 10, 17 Mar


29th June 2002 2.30pm at CASTOR                                B.G                  OFF

Graham John Dewey and Michelle Ann Adams              Tel: 380749

Dene House Castor PE5 7BU

Banns 3, 10, 17 Mar


6th – 7th July Castor Fete


6th  Jul 2002 1.00pm at MARHOLM                              B.G                  OFF

Andrew Lilley and Nicola Richman

20 Gullymore Bretton PE3 8LD

Banns 5, 12, 19 May


13th July 2002 3pm at MARHOLM     Cancelled                       B.G                  OFF

Darren Kitchener and Kerry Ann Wilkinson

96 Eyrescroft Bretton PE3 8ET                                      Tel: 705 300



27th July 2002  2pm at MARHOLM                               B.G                  OFF

Stephen Bettany and Amanda Jane Laken

91 Willesden Avenue, Walton, PE4 6EB                         Tel: 572772

Banns 5, 12, 19 May


3rd Aug 2002 1.30pm at MARHOLM                             B.G                  OFF

Matthew John Worsdall and Faye Elizabeth Churchill      Tel:Home 704989 Work 234800

26 Swanspool Ravensthorpe PE3 7LS

Banns 5, 12, 19 May


3rd Aug 2002 4.30pm at MARHOLM                             B.G                  OFF

Kevin Ella and Lisa Barret                                             Tel: 328868

18 Penrith Grove Gunthorpe PE4 7FQ

Banns 5, 12, 19 May


10th Aug 2002 at CASTOR                                            B.G                  OFF

Trevor Jennings and Karen Harris

45 Fallowfield, Orton Wistow, P’boro PE2 6UR

Banns 5, 12, 19 May


16th Aug 2002 12 noon at UPTON                                 B.G                  OFF

David Ronald Boyman and Gillian Violet Ann Fryer

27 Church Walk Upton

Banns 8, 16, 23 June


17th Aug 2002 3pm at MARHOLM                                            B.G                  OFF

John Paul Roe and Amander Christine Allen

46 Mewburn Bretton PE3 8SG                                       Tel: 267447

Banns 5, 12, 19 May


17th Aug 2002 2pm at MARHOLM                                B.G                  OFF

Matthew Joseph Emmerton and Kirsty Jo Pickering

141 Eyrescroft Bretton PE3 8EU                                   Tel: 770542

Banns 5, 12, 19 May


24th Aug 2002 2.00pm at MARHOLM                           B.G                  OFF

Matthew Hubbard and Cristina D’Angelo

11 The Crescent, Eye, PE6 7TF

Banns 2, 9, 16 Jun


24th Aug 2002 4.00pm at CASTOR – Blessing             B.G                  OFF

Timothy John Lynn and Alison Mary Lynn

8 Wipe Road Eastry PE8 2AX


24th Aug 2002 3.30pm at MARHOLM   CANCELLED            B.G                  OFF

David Hutchinson and Kathryn Kellett                            Tel: 558288

5 Beeston Drive P’Boro PE2 8UH


25th Aug 2002 5pm at MARHOLM        CANCELLED            B.G                  OFF

Sue McNaughton and Kevin Barber

31 Feneley Close Deeping St James PE6 8HN                Tel: 01778 341456


31st Aug 2002 1.00pm at CASTOR                                B.G                  OFF

Brian Dignam and Tracy Diane Swain

58 Swallow Hill, Thurlby, Lincs PE10 0JB           Tel: 383917(work) or 01778 394766 (home)

Banns 7, 14, 21 Jul


31st Aug 2002 3pm at MARHOLM                                B.G                  OFF

Paul Huntley and Kelly Hilliard                                       Tel: 334 018

12 Deaconscroft Ravensthorpe PE3 7LL

Banns: 7, 14, 21 Jul


7th Sept 2002 1pm at MARHOLM                                 B.G                  OFF

David Lewis and Kelly Palmer                                       Tel: 768776

30 Greenham S Bretton PE3 9YR

Banns 7, 14, 21 Jul


7th Sept 2002 3pm at MARHOLM                                 B.G                  OFF

Aidan John Gray and Tamara Anthony

9 White Cross Ravensthorpe PE3 7LP

Banns 7, 14, 21 Jul


14th Sept 2002 ??? at MARHOLM                                 B.G                  OFF

Andrew Stuart Hicks and Helen Dianne Swingler

62 Willonholt, Ravensthorpe, PE3 7LT                            Tel: 330750, or 07855 100814

Banns 7, 14, 21 Jul


14th Sept 2002 2.30 at MARHOLM                                B.G                  OFF

Andrew White and Lisa Hart

85 Eyrescroft, Bretton PE3 8ET                                     Tel: 755700

Banns 7, 14, 21 Jul


21st Sept 2002 2.00pm at CASTOR                                B.G                  OFF

David Wright and Claire Attewell

23 Jasmine Court, Orton Goldhay, PE2 5SQ                    Tel: 764935

Banns 7, 14, 21 Jul


28th Sept 2002 BLESSING at MARHOLM                    B.G                  OFF

Christopher John Payne and Heather Kay Payne

96 Sprignall S Bretton PE3 9YQ                                     Tel: 701089


16th Nov 2002 2pm BLESSING at CASTOR                  B.G                  OFF

Diamond Wedding Mr and Mrs Onions


21st Dec 2002 BLESSING tbc at CASTOR                    B.G                  OFF

Alan and Linda Paul 40th Wedding Anniversary