Arthur Chilver and his wife Jean lives at No 5 Andrews Close Ailsworth. His family originally came from  East London, and he was posted to Milton in November 1943. In 1945 he married a local girl, his first wife Gladys, and had two daughters: Elaine ( now Wakerley married to Bob, with two children, Helen and Sam, they live in Holme Close Ailsworth) and Jean.


Parish Councillor:


Arthur worked for Taylor’s Transport in Ailsworth. One day his boss came into the office and said, “ you are now the Parish Clerk for Ailsworth.” At that stage it was Ailsworth Parish Meeting, as the village was not big enough to make a parish council. It shortly grew however, and was able to form a parish council. Arthur was the Parish Clerk for 24 years. He resigned and handed over to Ernie Hudson, and in 1972, Arthur became a parish councillor for Castor Parish. Earl Fitzwilliam was the Chairman of Castor Parish Council for 42 years. On Earl Fitzwilliam’s death, Arthur took over as Chairman and served as Chairman until 1990, after 15 years, when he did not seek re-election.


During the period 1975 to 1990 he became Castor’s Representative to the Cambridgeshire Association of Parish Councillors, and during this period became its chairman. During his time, Arthur was a key figure in the battle to prevent Castor and Aislworth becoming a new town development.


In 1948, we were Ailsworth Parish Meeting in the County of Northamptonshire. Subsequently we became part of the Soke of Peterborough, which then joined with Huntingdon, to become Soke of Peterborough and Huntingdon Council. We were then swallowed up to become part of Cambridgeshire County Council. We then became divorced from Cambridgeshire to become Peterborough New Town, within the frame-work of the New Towns Act to help depopulate London by one million people. Peterborough New Town is planned to grow to a population of 200,000. All this has happened in the sixty years that Arthur has live in the village.


These notes were made by William Burke , while talking to Arthur on 6 March 2003.