ed W.T.Mellows. NRS 1941




Page. lxviii – Assets of the Abbey divided between the Dean and Chapter and the Bishop.


Page. Xxxv – increase in Dean and Chapters rent at Castor 14th June 1633.


Page. lxviii – Robert Wingfield bailiff of Castor, Ailsworth and Upton

                        Richard Robinson bailiff of Sutton.


Page. lxxi – 26th Aug 1572. Dean Wm Latymer and Chapter grants to Richard Worme of Castor                                   gentlemen for his good council---- for acting as a solicitor in our law suits, an annuity of 40s.


Page.lxxvi – Fall in rents at Castor affects College Buttery, 21st June 1688.


Page. 14/20 – Advowson, gift, presentation and rights of patronage of all singularity of the rectors of                                 Castor (and others) granted to Bishop by King Henry viii 4th Sept 1541.


Page 45 – estate of the Bishop…4 Sep 1541 from the King’s Book:

            Mylton in parochia de Castre

            ualet in:

            redditibus temporalibus

            ibidem per annum                                 vj d.


Pages 23-25 Endowment of Dean and Chapter by Henry VIII, 5 Sept 1541


p3 …..siue pertintentia Aceciam omnia et singular illa maneria nostra de Longthorpe, Caster, Sutton …etc


p24…in villis campis parochis seu hamelettis de Burgo Sancti Petri Castor etc…


p25 penciones in parochiis de Castre…etc


p25..seu hamelettis de Longthorpe, Caster, Aylesworth, Uptone, Suttone, Glyntone, Peykirke, Belseyes, (Belsize)             Martham(sic- Marholm)



p35 Translations follow in the book; here are some  relevant extracts

            all other singular messuages, mills, houses, buildings, lands, tenements,…etc with appurtenances to the    said manors belonging to the vills, fields, parishes and hamlets of Peterborough, Castor etc…


p36       all other manner of portions, tithes and pensions in the parishes of Castor etc…….meadows, woods, rents,    waters, fisheries etc of Longthorpe, Castor, Ailsworth, Sutton, Upton, Belsize, Marholm.


Estates of Dean and Chapter in the Valuation of the Lordship ect granted to them by King Henry VIII


Page 51            Castor manerium cum Upton et Aylesworth infra parochiam de Caster

Valet in anno: -

 Redditu et firma ibidem

communibus annis:-               xxxvj li.  xij s.  ix d.

 Uendicione bosci ibidem

communibus annis:-               xj li.

 Perquisitis curie ibidem

communibus annis:-                              v  s.            x d. ob.

                                                                                                            xlvij li. xviij s.   vij d. ob.


 Exitu spiritualium ibidem

Viz in pencionibus et porcioni

bus :-    ..            ..            ..c s.

                                                                                                            liij li.            viij s.            vij d. ob.


Inde in misis et reprises:-

 Feodo Roberti Wingfelde

armigeri balliui ibidem per

literas patentes sibi con

cesso: -                                                 xxvj s.            viij d.

 Feodo eiusdem Roberti,

Woodwarde ibidem per lite-

ras patentes predictas : -                   vj s.            viij d.

 Allocatione facta eidem

Roberto de decasu redditus

Diuersarum parcellarum ter-

rarum ibidem annuatim

ab antique existentium in

decasu : -                                              iiij s.            viij d.

                                                                                                                        xxxviij s.

 Que ualet clare communi-

bus annis : - ..  ..  ..                                                                              lj li.            v s.            vij d. ob


 Sutton balliuatus et mane-

rium infra parochial de Caster.

Ualet in anno : -


 Redditu et firma ibidem

communibus annis:-               xv li.            xv s.            ij d.

 Uendicione bosci ibidem

communibus annis:-                           xxxviij s.vj d.

                                                                                                            xvij li.            xiij s.            viij d.

Inde in –

misis et reprises:-

 Feodo Richardi Robynson

balliui ibidem per annum : -                 xiij s.            iiij d.

 Que ualet clare communi-

bus annis : - ..  ..  ..                                                                              xvij li.            - iij d.


 Maneria de Glynton et

Peykyrke infra parochiam de

Peykyrke ac firma de Belseys

infra parochias de Caster et



(Comment by WB. This last entry is of interest because it shows Belsize to be within the parish of Castor and Marholm. Today it thinks it is in Marholm, but legally seems to be in Castor!)