DATA BASE REF: P 1026 and H 1045



Camden in History of Britain wrote the following about Castor:


The Avon or Nen river, running under a beautiful bridge at Walmesford(Wansford), passes by Durobrivae, a very ancient city, called in Saxon Dormancaster, took up a great deal of ground on each side of the river in both counties (that is Cambs and Northants).

For the little village of Castor which stands one mile from the river, seems to have been part of it, by the inlaid chequered pavements found there. And doubtless it was a place of more than ordinary note; in the adjoining fields (which instead of Dormanton they call Normangate) such quantities of Roman coins are thrown up you would think they had been sewn. Ermine Street, known as the forty foot way. The Way of St Kyneburgha, now known as Lady Connyburrows Way must have been up towards Water Newton, if one may judge from it seems to have been paved with a sort of cubical bricks and tiles.