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It was part of the responsibility of the Parish Constable to compile the Militia Lists. In the case of Marholm the Parish Constable was Benjamin Bull, whose name appears at the end of the list



MILITIA LISTS– 1762 - Nassaburgh



Decr 2d 1762. A list of all persons in the parish of Marholm liable to serve in the militia for the County of Northampton.


Jos Chamberlin, grasiers and farmer

Aug Foster, cottager & labourer

<Adam Cook, labourer> 3 children

James Wright, do

Miles Stanyon, do

<Wm Sayles, junr., do> 3 childn

<Wm Griffin, do> 3 childn

Robt Collinge, victualer, remarkable crooked legs

<John Pacey, do, very full shouldered>

Saml Chapman, servt

Hen Baxter, do

Edwd Lincoln, shepheard

Wm Allen, shepheard

Richd Bell, do


                                                                                    Benj Bull, constable