DATA BASE REF NO: H 1030 and P 1005


It was part of the responsibility of the Parish Constable to compile the Militia Lists. In the case of Castor the Parish Constable was Robert Wright, whose name appears at the end of the list



MILITIA LISTS– 1762 - Nassaburgh



A list of the inhabitance and servents in Castor wit Milton that is qualified to serve one the melishe for the parrish above menched for Northamptonshire as folrith. December ye 3, 1762

1.       Mr Wright Serjent, ferm

2.       Mr Wm Wright, surgon

3.       Mr John Peeter, fermer

4.       Mr Tho Bate, fermer

5.       Mr Wm Wolgrave, fermer

6.       Mr Rob Laxton, fermer

7.       Mr Clem Tompson, fermer

8.       Mr Knotton, gardner      Number of children

9.       Mr Crow, park keeper      Each famleys

10.   <Nat Guding, miller>              4 children

11.   <John Shelston, carpend>      8 dit

12.   <Tho Chapel, blmacks>          3 dit

13.   <Wm Shelston, bacor>              3 dit

14.   <Tho Brown, taler>                3 dit

15.   John Darby, juner, weelrigh      btc

16.   James Stanger, shumaker      btc

17.   Scmuren

18.   John Rudkin, shewmacor

19.   Edward Serjant, bacor                btc

20.   Mr Wm Serjant, farmer

21.   John King, laber                 2 dit

22.   <Wm Smith, taler>                3 dit

23.   Wm Suton, laber                 1 dit

24.   Tho Dolby, shepard             2 dit

25.   <Wm Cope, laber>               5 dit

26.   <Tho Liming, shomaker>      4 dit

27.   <Wm Hill, laber>               3 dit

28.   <Wm Chamberling, butcher>      6 dit

29.   <Tho Shelston, carpindr>      6 dit

30.   <Tho Judsen, laber>               7 dit

31.   <John Stimson, shepard>      5 dit

32.   John Broten, laber                 2 dit

33.   Tho Serjeant, laber                 2 dit

34.   James Willkson, carpindr      wid

35.   Mathe Boland, laber                 2 dit

36.   Tho Bate, backer              bct

37.   Wm More, laber

38.   Wm Edwards, laber

39.   <Tho Dawkens, wever>             3 dit

40.   <John Burbig, laber>               4 dit

41.   <Wm Herson, laber>               4 dit

42.   Tho Snel, laber                       2 dit

43.   Edward <Numon> (Newman)      1 dit

44.   <Gorg Green, laber>               4 dit

45.   John Hale, masner

46.   John Dunston, laber

47.   <Tho Tweltrees, laber> (Twelvetrees)

48.   John Woddell, laber

49.   Robt Cuper, serven

50.   <Mr Brickwod, turpik>

51.   John Parrish, serven

52.   Robt Peper, dit

53.   Robt Ex, shepard

54.   Wm Sandfild, dit

55.   Wm Rowell, dit

56.   Robt Gregry, dit

57.   Gabril Core, dit

58.   John Traton, dit

59.   Wm Quiner, dit (Wilkinson)

60.   Mathey <y groom> dit

61.   Ricgard Hudson, sheprd

62.   Wm Lenton, dit

63.   Tho Gilby, dit

64.   Wm Cobley, laber                 6 dit

65.   Wm Dolby, sheprd

66.   Wm Leading, servent


Robt Wright, custable


John Sweby, mason   Willm Scotney, shepard

???????????????         John Hurd, farmerman


Notes and Comment:

(1) bct & btc = bachelor;            2 wid=widower

(2) Nos 54-60 and 62-3 have been counted as servants and not as shepherds in Tables 2a and 3a. If nos 54-60 had been shepherds, it would have been unnecesary for Robert wright the Constable, to indicate that no 61 was also a shepherd. Moreover “Mathey <y groom>” is more likely to have come into the category of servant rather than shepherd. Nos 62 and 63 are more difficult to place. If they were shepherds this would mean that out of 66 listed men, seven (10.6%) were employed in looking after sheep. This is an exceptionally high proportion compared with other occupations, even at Castor where sheep were numerous (p117). (One shepherd is also recorded ar each of Castor’s two hamlets, Ailsworth and Sutton). Moreover, it will be seen from the table of “Number of children. Each famleys” that Wright was quite unreliable in his use of the abbreviation ‘dit’(ditto).