Hopkinson / Dean & Chapter letter / Transcript of 1847 document.




Mr Hopkinson & his ancestors have been leaseholders under the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough of the Manor House and lands at Sutton for above a century and a half.

Just previous to the renewal of his lease in 1847 for 21 years Mr. Hopkinson had completed extensive new farming buildings upon the estate at Sutton and also had completed a new farm house and extensive farm buildings upon another leasehold estate at Castor the cost of which altogether exceeded the sum of 2000. and upon his renewal of such leases he was promised by the Dean & Chapter a remuneration of 2000 which was to be made out of certain monies agreed to be paid by the Midland Railway Company in payment of certain lands agreed to be taken by the said company in the formation of a new line then contemplated to be formed by them through the said estate at Sutton and for which they obtained an Act of Parliament but such new line not having been formed but entirely abandoned the company only paid Mr Hopkinson 280.

The Dean & Chapter being perfectly aware of this, on 25th November last proposed to Mr Hopkinson to renew his lease at Candlemas then next on the following terms. Conveyed through Mr. Gales their Steward, viz;

Sutton Manor Farm 700

Farms in Castor --- 350

Messuage & land in same - 58..16

In January last Mr Hopkinson, being ready to accede to the proposals of the Dean & Chapter, although considered high waited on Mr. Gales who informed Mr Hopkinson that a treaty was then going on with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and that he could not then enter into the subject further.

Since which Mr Hopkinson has been informed by Mr Gales that the matter was now entirely out of his hands and was with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

Under these circumstances Mr Hopkinson requests that the renewals of the leases may be completed as proposed by the Dean & Chapter previous to the treaty entered into by them with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and which renewals Mr Hopkinson fully expected would have been carried out.