These Documents were collected by the Saint Kyneburgha Project Group. This met for about 18 months 2000 AD 2001 AD. The Project co-ordinator was Hilary Pounsett. The purpose of the Project was to research and present the story of Saint Kyneburgha in a way that was helpful to visitors.

The group consisted of among others Hilary Pounsett, Avril Morris historical researcher, Stuart Weston, William Burke, Ben Woods. Antonia Pounsett, Katherine Winfrey, Kevin Daley sculpture of statue, Millie Weston, Kate McNaughton, Mary Nash, Theo Hensman, Jenny Hammond and Brian Goode.

The Group ceased to meet regularly after the Statue of Saint Kyneburgha was dedicated and blessed at the Patronal Festival in 2001 AD.


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