We do know the names of some of the Parish Priests of Castor from before 1228 eg

Richard, Priest of Castor before 1133, who on becoming a Monk  gifted Castor Church to Abbey.

Robert, Chaplain of Castor, succeeded Richard in 1133.



1228             Virgilius, d. buried at Castor Note : Curate at Upton was Swein, Curate at Sutton was John

1240     Will de Burgo

            Pet de Augusta, d.

1287     Joh de Affordeby, d., formerly rect. of Polebrook

1314     Will de Melton, r. there was a vic.of Pightesley of this name 1306-10 and vic. of Wedon 1347-49

1316     Rog de Northburgh

1317     Rog de Nassington

1320     Joh de Aslakeby

1336     Hen de Edenford

1340     Alex de Ormesby, LLD

1345     Rob Swetman de Dodyngton

1355     Joh de Wilford

1355     Gervas Warde

            Rob de Austhorp

1372     Ric de Leycester

            Will Borstall

1378     Tho Hervey, buried at Castor

1383     Tho Pykwell

1385     Joh de Langford

            Ralph Repyngham, d. Preb. of Lichfield and Sarum, also dean of S.Adde, colleglate church Salop

1416     Will Kynwolmersh. Presented by abp. Of Canterbury: he was dean of S. Martin’s, London, and buried     in the cloister there. In 1422 he was appointed ‘Domini Regis Thesaurarius.’ Bridges gives two                 successive rectors the same name.

1419     Tho Whiston, LLD

            Ric Raynhill, r. also rect. of Stanwick nd Paston.

1449     Will Witham, LLD, r.Archdn. of Stow, 1464, dn. of S.Mary, Leicester, 1462

1459     John Colynson, r.

            Tho Harby,d., buried at Castor

1460     Joh Sybely, d.

1466     Will Wytham, LLD, r.

1466     Tho Tanfield, STB, d., buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral, also rect. of Harpole and Gayton.

1474     Tho Dalyson

1477     Tho Blencho

1477     Joh Palady, LLB, d.Rect. of Arthingworth, 1461, Holcot, 1496, Weston Favell,1470, Blisworth,1473,                 also warden of Wappenham, 1470-90, and there buried, ‘nuper Gardianus hujus Ecclesie.’

1490     Hen Rudde, LLD, d. Rect. of Weston Coville, Camb, 1478, Cottingham, 1486,Pitchley,1487,                 Downham, Camb.,1490. Also vic. gen.and comm.. of Ely diocese. In his will he directs his body to be                 buried at Bury S. Edmunds ‘before S. Christopher.’ He left £50. to Peterborough monastery, and legacies for vestments to Castor.

1506     Joh Gayton, d.

            Joh Marys

1543            Augustine Dudley, d. Fuller mentions Dudley as a reputed martyr. ‘yet on enquiry, his sufferings                 amounted not to loss of life.’ There was but one martyr in the county, John Hurd, a shoemaker, of                 Byresham, burnt at Northampton, 1557

1544     Hug Rawlyns, AM.He assisted in drawing up articles against Ferrar, bp. of  S. David’s, ultimately                 burnt at Carmarthem, 1555.

1546     Joh ap Harry, LLD, d., buried at Castor, Princ. Of Broadgate Hall, Oxf., chancellor of Llandaff and                 Peterborough, and archdn. Of Northampton.

1549     Will Jeffrey, LLD. Archdn. Of Northampton, chancellor of Sarum.

1561     Chr Hodgeson, AB, d. Preb. of Peterborough.

1600     Laur Stanton, STP, d. Dn. of Lincoln, and rect. of Uffington, Linc. Buried at Uffington, where is a                 monument to him in alabaster and marble.

1613     Tho Dove, AM, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral, Archdn. of Northampton, preb. of                 Peterborough



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1629     Warner Marshall, AM, d. Bishop, Preb. of Peterborough

1632     Will Peirse, STP, r. Bishop

1633            Augustine Lindsay, STP, r. Bishop

1634     Fr Dee, STP, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1639     Joh Towers, STP, deprived. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1646     Edm Spinkes, deprived. Also rect. of Orton Longueville. Ejected under the Act of Uniformity.

1660     Benj Laney, STP, r. Bishop

1663     Jos Henshaw, STP, d. Bishop

1679     Will Lloyd, STP, r. Bishop

1685     Tho White, STP, deprived. Bishop

1691     Ric Cumbreland, STP, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1718     White Kennet, STP, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1728     Rob Clavering, STP, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1747     Joh Thomas, STP, r. Bishop

1757     Ric Terrick, STP, r. Bishop

1764     Rob Lamb, LLD, r. Bishop

1769     Joh Hinchcliffe, STP, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1794     Spencer Madans, STP, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1813     Joh Parsons, STP, d. Bishop

1819     Herb Marsh, STP, d. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1839     Geo Davys, STP, r. Bishop, buried at Peterborough Abbey/Cathedral

1851     Geo Andrews, AM, d., buried at Castor

1864     Joh Jas Beresford, STB. Formerly fellow of S. John’s, Camb., and precentor of Peterborough.

1897     L Leader Cooper

1911     Charles A Hulbert, Hon Canon

1918     Lloyd T Jones, Hon Canon

1920     Wallace R Morse, Hon Canon

1926             Cornelius Carleton, Hon Canon

1947     Thomas Payne Adler - also Rector of  Marholm, ashes buried at Castor

1975     Adrian Paul Davies - also Rector of  Marholm, Sutton and Upton

1982     John Anthony Harper – also Rector of Sutton and Upton

1995     Wm Spencer Dwerryhouse Burke - also Rector of  Marholm, Sutton and Upton



1230     Swein – Chaplain at Upton

1230     John – Chaplain at Sutton

1553     Edward Stokes

1610     Henry Smith

1667     George Gascoigne

1676            Geoffrey Hawkins

1685     John Coveney

1688     Thomas Abbot

1700     Oliver Pocklington

1706     George Baxter

1716     Henry Beadles

1750            Joscelyn Perry – also Rector of Marholm

1770     Kennet Gibson – also Rector of Marholm

1772     Thomas Layng – also Rector of Marholm

1796            Christopher Hodgson – also Rector of Marholm

1849    Jos W Harman, AM – also Rector of Marholm

1854             Constantine B Yeoman – also Rector of Marholm




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