From: Linda Rasmussen

To: Rector Castor

Sent: Thu 05 June 2003-08-28

Subject: 13th Century Priests


Dear Revd William Burke,

I am currently working on a translation of the sources from the nunnery of St Michaelís outside Stamford to be published by the Northamptonshire Record Society and I would like to be able to date the charters more accurately than assigning them to a certain century. The lists of witnesses are uaually a good indication, and particularly if they include the names of priests who can be dated.


I hope that you are able to help me with an inquiry about some former priests of your parish. One was chaplain of Upton. His name was Svein (alt. Swein), one was parson of Castor: Virgil (alt. Virgilio), and the third was John, chaplain of Sutton. I am quite certain that they must have lived in the thirteenth century, but I would very much like to be able to give a more exact date. And I was wondering if you and somebody else in the parish might have collated a lists of the names of priests or chaplains who have been appointed to the churches of Castor, Upton and Sutton/


Thankyou very much for your time.

With best wishes

Dr Linda Rasmussen


Research School of Social Sciences

Australian national University

Canberra ACT 0200


Reply to effect that Virgilio (Virgilius) was Rector of Castor from 1228, and that Sutton and Upton were Chapels-of-Ease to Castor.WB.

Rectors of Castor

1228 ††††††††††† Virgilius, d. buried at Castor

1240 ††† Will de Burgo