Extract from Northamptonshire Notes and Queries 1888-1889 page 212


515. CASTOR LOCAL ANTIQUITIES. – There is a road running backway from Ailsworth to Helpstone – passing the house of Mr W Briggs on the left, and that of Mr W Carter on the right -  called Chapel lane. It may be interesting to some to know that this name is not without its meaning, as up to the year 1854, there was a building in Mr Carter’s yard, at the left of ecclesiastical appearance, used as a granary, etc., which was evidently a chapel of ease, as it had two square-headed windows, one on the north and one on the south side, filled in with early English tracery similar to those at Northborough castle. It was demolished at the above date and the materials used in the erection of agricultural buildings. A label knee of one window was preserved, and may be seen at Mr J Hales'’ Castor. This property was then and is now belonging to the Fitzwilliams. There are two pieces of land in Castor called the “Tarrels;” and as we have two manors in this parish named “Belsize” and “Bottelars,” and “Thorold,” it is probable that “Tarrels” may be a coruption of the latter, and this chapel might have belonged to it.


            Castor                                                                                      J Hales.


(Comment: Theo Hensman, born in Castor 70 years ago, and now a Churchwarden here, remembers playing in a field, on the left of the Helpston Road, just on Chapel Hill going out of Ailsworth, at a site that they used to call “Chapel Steps”. This site was marked by some stones in the ground. WB 2003)