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Archives from Castor, Ailsworth, Marholm, Upton and Sutton - and the Milton Estates

Welcome to the CAMUS project - where residents of the villages are creating this historical archive. The villages are on the western edge of Greater Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Records relating to the area go back to the time of the Romans when Castor pottery was exported to the Roman Empire. If you have any relevant information, or would like to be an active participant in the project - please get in touch - your contribution and active support would be most welcome. Email:

An outline explanation of the structure the archive database and some common abreviations used will help you to find particular documents. Most of the documents are .html, but some are .pdf (and listed as such in the Subject column) you can download the free Adobe Acrobat reader here to access the .pdf records.

We are continually expanding the contents of the site and will accept any help you can give. If you find an error or missing link while you use the Archive, please email to let us know what and where.

In addition to this open access internet archive the CAMUS project has written a book, "Five Villages, their People and Places" that went on sale at the Castor Village Fete on July 11, 2004 and sold out of its thousand copies by the end of August. The book will not be reprinted, but the complete book is now available on CD Rom (as a high resolution .pdf) for the sum of £5.00 (plus 50p Post and Packing) and also available for viewing and reading free on this site (as a low resolution .pdf).

Our thanks go to the LHI and William Wall (the Local Heritage Initiative is a partnership between the Heritage Lottery Fund, Nationwide Building Society and the Countryside Agency) for funds that made this ambitious project possible. You can see our page here and also find out about some of the other projects they are supporting.

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